Sometimes cream puffs help

Yesterday was a yucky day. At some point in the afternoon, after uninspired school lessons, a generally blah ambiance began sinking into our souls.  When a young woman asked if she could make cream puffs, there was no need to think. The answer was a definite "Yes!"

Gram's apron and her copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking helped set the mood.

One cream puff is my limit, but the younger members of the family are able to indulge more and still fit in their pants, so it was safe to make a whole batch.

That one cream puff was delicious and the whole thing cheered us up immensely. 

Thanks, Claire.


Dawn said…
I just caught up on over a month's worth of your blog. (I've been on a bit of a hiatus from my normal Internet travels.) I have read your blog for years, and can tell that your mom was a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of her with your readers. My own mom will be turning 83 this year, and has had some health scares the last few years. The stories you have shared on your blog have encouraged me greatly. I'm so glad you have been able to eat cream puffs with your family, and have birthdays, and see beauty, and cry when you need to. I'll be praying for you as you grieve and heal. Blessings.

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