The Way I See It: Autumn

The Way I See It photo prompt comes from Molly at Close to Home.

Where I live we are late bloomers in the autumn category.  We have apple festivals up the hill, and a few more coloring leaves there at the snowline.  But just down the hill at my house it has a decidedly "mild summer" feel to it.  But I searched and found signs of autumn's early rumblings:

I am not sure what possessed me but I bought a pumpkin the size of a small country.  Ginormous is the word that everyone has used.  But you know what?  It makes me laugh.  And it is so beautifully orange.  So even if I have to tighten my core muscles to lift the thing, the pumpkin is here for the duration.

The tree we have the most of is oak, and those leaves turn brown and yellow in the autumn.  It is the reds that I miss.  But yesterday at the library I saw these leaves sparkling in the early morning light and they sang "Autumn!" to me.

And walking across a parking lot, these little "lanterns" were scattered on the edge.  What a strangely beautiful plant!  With the indented lines down their sides, they almost look like fat, shriveling carrots. 

Just outside my kitchen window the light is particularly sparkling in the early morning and the late  afternoon.  The slant of the autumnal sunshine makes it all the more special.  Claire found this patch of weeds all aglow in the late afternoon yesterday.  It is amazing what the right light (and a creative girl) can do to a weed.

The long shadows and the early darkness have arrived, but we wait impatiently for a crisp chill in the air and the first rain of the season.  Autumn's pleasures are my favorites.

You should join the fun! This Friday's prompt is Evening.


Donna Boucher said…
Your photography is beautiful and unique!

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