Well, here we go...

My inspiration, on her way back to Halifax on New Year's Eve

Over Christmas break, my daughter Madelaine talked to me about blogging...why I stopped blogging, would I be open to starting again, how about a weekly post? You see, she lives in Nova Scotia now, and not only does it FEEL really far away, it IS really far away. We stay in touch with calls and texts, the occasional silly FB messenger video, but she suggested that a weekly blog post would add something of substance. Plus, we both love words, we both like to write, but writing for pleasure doesn't happen for us without some sort of external motivation.   So, here we go. Weekly posts. 

HI MADELAINE!!!    *Waving madly across the country to the frozen world of the Maritimes.*


Alison said…
Yay! I LOOOOOVE your blog. I'm so glad I will once again be able to read your beautiful words and see glimpses of your world.
Susan said…
I missed this! I have you in my feedly, but it went right by me. I'll be watching out for you, now!

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