Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sleep in heavenly peace

I have slept a total of twenty-two hours since Friday night. Oh, it feels divine. I am ready for two weeks of holiday cheer -- children coming up with a few more gifts to give, my own "staff" working (children baking and knitting, cleaning and raking, and younger siblings at work as "court jesters" with just as much skill and talent) and my husband being home. The grown-ups have some hard work to accomplish, for the faithful companion of the English teacher is a pile of papers, and my own school year will require some planning to bring zip to a not-so-zippy school year. But, we have the time, and the energy, and the inspiration, to do our work with zeal. That is a fine thing.

I look forward to HOURS outside, HOURS sleeping, HOURS reading, and HOURS of playing with my children. We have football games, long walks, cards, board games, movies, and (of course) books on our list of TO DO's. What luxury, what riches, what bliss.

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