Monday, December 20, 2004

Nineteen years ago today...

...there was a young man and a young woman on a beach in Montara, California. The sun had set, the picnic dinner had been delicious, and they were talking about their recently discovered differences. The young man concluded the discussion with, "Well, that doesn't seem insurmountable. Want to marry me?" At first the young woman thought he said, "Isn't it a merry evening?", (Hey, those waves were LOUD!) but it became clear that The Question had been popped. An enthusiastic "yes" was the answer, and here we are nineteen years later.

Sigh. I sure am glad that I said, "YES!" To have a man that cries when Eomer finds Eowyn on the Pelennor Fields, who makes my morning coffee, who works hard to provide for our family, who loves learning and reading and discussing, and who laughs at my jokes... Plus, when the rubber has met the road (those make-it-or-break-it moments in a marriage) he has stood his ground and fought for all that he held dear, like a good man of the West. Cheers to you, husband. I celebrate you today.

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