Tuesday, December 14, 2004


In October of 2003 the word blog became known to me. My introduction to this world of cyber-communication was Mental multivitamin. Mrs. Mental multivitamin had been a source of inspiration on another forum, so her thought-provoking writing caused me to take a peek. Well, I've chosen to return again and again for countless reasons. We share many interests, and I find myself drawn to those things we have in common. We also have many differences, and I have found my world expanded by her well-written thoughts. From Mental multivitamin I have found out about the Set Daily Puzzle , A Word a Day , and River Crossing. I have read articles from magazines and newspapers that never would have crossed my desk, and I have found new authors and books to keep me company. Not always a place to feel comfortable, but always a place to learn, Mental multivitamin is a truly worthwhile destination. Thanks, M'mv.

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