Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our Sophie

Our dog had an emergency visit with the vet today. On Monday night, for no known reason, she began to lose the use of her back legs and hips. The visit today revealed that there is major nerve damage and she cannot feel her back end at all. Without thousands of dollars to spend on surgery, we are given the option of steroids to reduce inflammation. We are on major alert now to see if the reduced inflammation can bring back any feeling and movement. If will be a dark day at A Circle of Quiet. My oldest daughter waited three years for a dog (I required that all members of the family be potty trained before we added another animal) and we have only had Sophie for three years. When we got her at the SPCA, she had had an unknown injury that resulted in her having one eye removed. Her one-eyed-ness makes her all the cuter, and we have been happy to help her recover from whatever traumatic things happened in her earlier days.

Tomorrow we will finish Latin-in-a-Week, return to the vet, and then dance the night away at the Northern California Schola Ball. Amidst it all, though, our hearts will be heavy for our dear Sophie.

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