Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And now for something completely different

I will only do this once. I promise. If you've been reading A Circle of Quiet for any length of time, you know that I focus on gratitude and appreciation for what is happening around me. But, as Aragorn says to his men at the Black Gate, in the movie version of The Return of the Ring, "It is not this day. This day we gripe!" Oh, well, he didn't say gripe. He said fight. But, this is my day to gripe. It is hot, as in h-o-t hot, and I do NOT like the heat. I wilt. I grump and grouch. I find it hard to be grateful, happy, and energetic. I just want to gripe. But, I promise I won't mention it again. I will make my afternoon frozen blended latte, I will stand in front of the fan and sing, I will think of those of you in wet and cold lands that love every warm day you can get your hands on, and I will keep my griping to myself. Tomorrow.

With the grouchy theme well-established, I give you this link from the NEA website. The article title? Home Schools Run By Well-Meaning Amateurs. Harumph. At least I am well-meaning...I guess. Thanks to Randi at I Have to Say and Sparrow at Intent for the link to reading that fits this "lovely" weather like a glove.

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