Monday, August 08, 2005

Vacation: the film version

Mt. Shasta


Haystack Rock in the morning mist

Coffee, monks, ocean -- aahhh!


A view from the forest

There is a significant piece of our week that is missing here. In addition to the cute youngsters on the swing, our week was packed with great visits with other friends. Friends from our Bay Area past as well as newer ones. Of special note here in the blogosphere is that I was able to meet the couple that write at Wittingshire and dear Sparrow from Intent at MomBob's beach house (MomBob of WPMs fame.) The transition from cyberspace to face-to-face life was a real pleasure!! More stories will come, along with grateful reflections on my now-fifteen-year-old, but first I must launch my daughter on her first flight without her family, and make my semi-annual drive to IKEA for a few essentials. You'd think I had done enough driving in the last ten days, but I guess not.

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