Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The quotable Wes Callihan

"This is the heart of a good education: a small but well-chosen library, a place to sit and study, some friends to do it with, and the time and tranquility to do it in. "

"Read the best books and talk about them with like-minded friends. That's been the essence of real education since antiquity, and nothing about our modern world changes that except perhaps the pandemic idiocy that gives this idea even greater urgency and even less chance than ever of being taken seriously."

Read the rest at Wes Callihan's blog.

The beginning of the year is as good a time as any to remember what we are doing in home educating our children. It doesn't have to be as complicated as we make it, and we do get to keep learning for the rest of our numbered days on earth. Having a group of interesting children to learn with and around is a great gift. Thanks for the reminder, Wes.

Wes is the esteemed online tutor from Schola Classical Tutorials. We have two students studying the Great Books in his classes, and one taking Latin from him. His ability to hold forth on the topic of the day pulls our students into things they never would have dreamed of studying, and he adds to it his wit, his love of God and a seemingly unending supply of corny jokes. Mr. C. is greatly appreciated at our house.

FYI: His daughter is a fine tutor in her own right, and she is boldly teaching two of our sons Latin this year. You can see her course offerings here. Our boys would say she is a little misguided in her choice of baseball affiliation, but they've forgiven her. What she lacks in her team choice, she makes up for in enthusiasm for The Game. For some students, this scores buckets of "cool points."

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