Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Neighborhood update -- by request

I've received emails asking about the status of my neighborhood, both boundary lines and burned down houses, so here is the update (limited as it is):

Boundary lines continue in their state of ambiguity. Upon further review, as the saying goes, Neighbor B seems to be backing down on his obstinate stance of owning the whole hill. With the prospect of the survey upon him, he seems to be wishing he had just let Neighbor A dig. This helps us relax immensely. Not that we have been bent on worry; this has been Neighbor B's stance since we moved here in 1997. It's just his diminished bravado has been reassuring, and we are back to thinking we probably own our front yard. We are eagerly awaiting the results, but I guess the surveyor is a busy man and will get here "as soon as possible." No rush, as rumor has it that "ASAP" is synonymous with "slow boat to China" in our county.

(*see original post on the neighborhood battles here.)

As for the burning house: believe it not, we have not been able to find it. The day after the fire I drove around searching. There are so many houses on that hill, an entire sub-division nestled into bunches of roads. In lieu of more driving around and searching, we have watched the progress of tearing down and cleaning up, and prayed from our little deck across the way.

(*see original post on the burning house here.)

The one thing that we have progressed on is the plot for our murder mystery, The Property Line. Currently undecided: do we have my mother cast as the elderly grandma-now-detective who discovers the dead body in the ditch? Or, as one friend has suggested, should she be the not-so-innocent little old lady who found the time and energy to kill and shove the unappreciated neighbor into the ditch? Mom would prefer to be Miss Marple, thank you very much, but I think the dangerous grandma has an exotic ring to it. Plot updates will be posted as available.

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