Saturday, October 14, 2006


I've written about my love of art journaling before (here). Recently, though, we've become re-inspired. We heard a speech on the benefit of nature journaling at our classical home school group, and that was all we needed to pull out the journals and supplies, collect some items, and get drawing. Leaves, acorns, seed pods, sticks, birds, or fences can all bring pleasure to the artist's eye and beauty to the page of the journal.

Pictures from our endeavors:

My daughter's subject


My spot

My personal art challenge right now is to learn some fast sketching techniques. The biggest reason I don't always draw is that it becomes an unmanageable time commitment. With some fast sketching under my belt, I will be able to catch a scene or a portrait quickly. I really like the look of accomplished quick sketching, but I am not very happy with the look of mine...yet.

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