Thursday, January 25, 2007

Books and Culture

Books and Culture for January/February arrived in the mailbox this week. Two interesting articles:

On Slippery Slopes, the Blogosphere, and (oh, yes) Women:
The place of women in the redemptive community
by Susan Wise Bauer

John Stackhouse's book should stand as one among many examples that egalitarians are in fact very aware of the corrosive effects of culture. After all, our interpretations of the difficult passages on women have been colored by centuries of decidedly un-Christian practice. And surely we shouldn't assume that a Christian who disagrees with us about such passages—whether from a complementarian or an egalitarian viewpoint—is lost forever.

Evangelicals Behaving Badly with Statistics
by Christian Smith

"The real question is not whether evangelicals can clean up their statistical act. The deeper question is whether American evangelicals can learn to live without the alarmism that is so comfortably familiar to them. Evangelicals, by my observation, thrive on fear of impending catastrophe, accelerating decay, apocalyptic crises that demand immediate action (and maybe money). All of that can be energizing and mobilizing. The problem is, it also often distorts, misrepresents, or falsifies what actually happens to be true about reality. And to sacrifice what is actually true for the sake of immediate attention and action is plain wrong."

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