Friday, January 26, 2007

Reality check

Gods and Generals

The children watched Gods and Generals earlier this week. One of my sons has two characters in his interpretive speech with southern accents, and he was assigned to watch it for inspiration. In a small house, it is hard to turn on a movie without the whole place stopping to watch, so I assigned everyone else the job of watching to determine their favorite character, with the promise that they would talk about their selection over dinner.

I missed all but the end, giving me a chance to see Stonewall Jackson in all his glory, but my husband was home to watch chunks of it. His choice of favorite characters was Joshua Chamberlain's wife.

"But, Dad, she swears!"

"Well, so does my wife, and she is a fine woman!"

There you have it. It's not all a circle of quiet around here.

****ADDED LATER*****

I got it wrong. My husband's favorite character is Chamberlain himself. "But, his wife swears" was the dismayed response. "Well, so does mine!" was the answer. I stand (or sit) corrected.

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