Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sidebar updates

I am continuing to work on updating both my book page and my recommended destinations page. The book page has a listing of most of the books I have read in 2007, but no amazon links yet. When time allows, I will add the links.

I have added the following recommended destinations:

Dominion Family

Thoughts on Charlotte Mason, the learning life of a large family, great writing with humor and humility. She attended the CiRCE conference last summer, and her reflections were a great companion to the CD set I purchased in lieu of attending.

Magistra Mater

Magistra Mater is a great reader and thinker. She asks excellent questions and has caused me to add piles of books to my sagging shelves. We travel in her direction each summer, so I will continue to hope we can meet at a coffee shop and talk books and beauty.

A Quotidian Life

The mom of a family living in the Middle East, this dear woman has been a friend since we both traveled to Poland for the summer of 1984. I anticipate posts on music, art, classical education and excellent book recommendations, plus recipes to try and love. Maybe a baseball post or two? A delightful family of friends.

The Sweetbriar Patch

A brand new find, thanks to Magistra Mater. Incredible photography, poetry, book lists, quotes. I look forward to some archive browsing. Lots to see and learn here.

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