Thursday, February 01, 2007

A week in pictures

Sometimes in life I can see the blue sky, and other times all I can see are the tangled branches that need to be pruned. But, fortunately, there is beauty in the angled silhouette, and the brilliant blue makes a perfect canvas.

Homeschool Auto Shop: Changing Tire 101

(Note the relaxed posture of the Auto Shop teacher. He was home with a gut-wrenching cough and a disappearing voice, but when opportunity knocked (or, rather, deflated) he was there to whisper a valuable lesson to his students.)


When Horatio died, we were down to two cats. At the same time, the temperatures plummeted and our remaining outside cat, Sargent Pumpkin Lewis, found a soft heart in my mother. He is now a 100% inside the granny flat cat; he is literally living in the lap of luxury. So our house is down to one cat. But if that cat is beauty at its best, perfection at its peak, who needs more? Thus thinkest Nutmeg.

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