Thursday, May 17, 2007

A call for emails and announcing the astore

During the first year of A Circle of Quiet, I took a "What are you reading?" poll and shared all the results in four or five posts. I am ready to do that again. It is a great way to get to hear from all my blog readers, and I find suggestions for my lists of books to be read.

So, please email me by June 4th with your current reading stack. Feel free to include books being read by your husbands or wives, your children, your roommates, or your mother in the granny flat. If you have a reading dog, I'd certainly want to know what he/she is reading as well. You can reach me *here* I will look forward to hearing from ALL OF YOU!

And announcing.....

I've created my own store at Just another shameless plug to encourage you to support this site with your purchases.

You can use the link above or the button in the sidebar to access it.

Many thanks.

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