Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thinking of you....

(This blog post is for my children, but you are welcome to read along, too.)
There have been several times we have missed you over the last two-and-a-half days. On my walk this morning, as I heard new bird calls and enjoyed unknown trees and misty fields, I knew that your company would make a beautiful start to the day even better. It was already really warm, and they weren't kidding about the humidity, either. Last night, after we returned from our day of touring, a thunder storm SHOOK the house. The sounds were thrilling, and the smell of rain was most welcome.

The children of our hosts have registered a formal complaint that we came sans children. They would like to meet you and show you their I-Tunes playlist and play Settlers of Catan with you (although the parents are a little bit competitive, let me warn you.)

Every cannon, ship, mob cap, herb garden, and funny moment has brought you to mind. You would love it here.

Are we having a good time? The best of times. Celebrating twenty-one years of marriage, laughing a lot, seeing places we have heard so much about, getting goosebumps as we imagined the events that occurred in the rooms in which we stood. This is the greatest of great vacations. The only thing missing is YOU.
We'll be home soon, but check in again for more pictures. Our Williamsburg pictures have yet to be downloaded, and you'll definitely want to see Daddy in the stocks, right?
Hugs and kisses to each and every one of you
(yes, even a smooshy kiss for you, my Big Young Men.)
Be good and have fun!

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