Saturday, October 06, 2007

Catching up

In answer to the question, "What's been going on?"

The CCHE Conference Week-end

I learned a lot from listening to Susan speak at the fifth annual CCHE conference, but one highlight of the week-end was the pedicure on the way to the conference. It was forty-five minutes of total relaxation. They added rose petals to the hot water, they served me a glass of red wine, they handed me the remote for the massage chair that took all the knots out of my shoulders and back, and my fire-engine red toes have reminded me to relax ever since. I plan to find an affordable way to have a pedicure more often.

Susan was a funny, compassionate and interesting speaker, once again, so I have good things to share. I just had to start with the pedicure, okay? More soon.

Scout Expo

Seven THOUSAND scouts from the Golden Empire Council. For some (like me) that might be a nightmare, but our participants had a blast. Archery, friends, and flag ceremony participation were all favorite parts.

A Sixteenth Birthday

Complete with size TWELVE Converse tennies, a cake we named Mt. Vesuvius for its collapsing appearance, and a Kutless concert for the birthday boy and his mother (moi.) My hearing has returned just fine, thank you very much, and I was not the oldest person at the concert. My son had a fantastic time, I jumped up and down when commanded by the child on the stage, and all in all it was a successful event. I do have opinions to spout off when I have a chance, but you'll just have to wait.

First Day of Autumn Tea Party

Complete with flower-filled hairstyling, tea, cookies, egg salad sandwiches, and three dear friends, my younger daughter's first attempt at hosting a tea party was a smash success. My favorite part: our guests' mothers are my dear friends, and we hunkered down in my room to talk the afternoon away.

The Latin Cafe

Using the beautiful autumn weather as an excuse to be outside, we set up food and Wheelocks on the upstairs deck for the boys to have a study session with their sister in preparation for Latin exams.

Cloud watching

Sometimes the view just calls to us, and we head out to the front door deck and watch the sky for awhile. Hearing the rain move toward us across the valley always reminds me of Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey., on your island, are standing in the shadow, watching the rain begin to spill down
way across the bay.

The rain comes closer and closer.
Now you hear a million splashes.
Now you even see the drops on the water...
on the age-old rocky point...
on the bayberry...
on the grass...
Now take a breath -

Amidst all these extra-special events, there is the extraordinary calling I have -- being with my children as we learn each day's lessons. With three high school students this year, my mind is always spinning to keep up, but this zesty third grader keeps me laughing and keeps me young. See that twinkle in his eyes? Yep, there is never a dull moment at my house. I am grateful.

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steph seefeldt said...

i have those sandals.
or i did, back in 07 when you wrote this.