Friday, October 05, 2007

It's a chilly, rainy day

The steel gray clouds keep coming and going; the sun keeps lighting up the changing oak leaves and then hiding behind another wall of black. This, of course, causes us to go through the house and turn off or turn on the lights...again. It is our fourth day of rain since school began, and we are thrilled; it is rare that by October 5th we can boast of so many. I know some of you are sad to say "Farewell!" to summer, but we welcome autumn weather like a long-lost, "Where HAVE you been?" favorite friend who comes bearing coffee and good wine.

It may be chilly, but don't worry about keeping my hands warm. Nope, I am cozy wozy, thanks to my hours of stalking Miz Booshay's comment section. Okay, did you miss the connection there? I know; it was pretty subtle. Well, it's like this. Miz Booshay's blog has been a favorite destination of mine for years, and her comment section is filled with friends and family that are smart and ever-so-funny. Over time, I have found a kindred spirit in those comments. I would read something, go on to make an oh-so-witty comment, and wham! there it was already, written by Lynn in WI. Many months of laughing with Lynn from a distance, and I found myself telling Donna via email that Lynn is a hoot, and I wish I could know her in real life. Donna played matchmaker, we started emailing each other, and, as they say in Casablanca, "It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Everything from movie recommendations to "Am I supposed to actually like Kristin Lavransdatter?" to S.O.S. prayer requests have made this cyber-friendship a treat. But now comes the real kicker. For my birthday, Lynn sent me a link to a picture of a pair of gloves, along with the link to the colors available, and she said she wanted to make them for ME! I was stunned. What a generous offer. After much family discussion, I chose my color, emailed Lynn, and continued to be in shock that someone would make me such a nice gift. Look what came to the mailbox at the end of the lane the other day:

The color is a brilliant red. The cables are be-a-u-ti-fully done. They are perfect, and I am happier than happy. Thank you, dear Lynn (whose only blog can be found in Donna's comment section, a tragedy indeed.) Someday I'll treat you to a High-Tech Burrito here in California. Sooner than later, okay?

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