Thursday, January 17, 2008

Decisions, decisions

It's that time of year when current Schola families need to decide what courses their students will be taking next year. And what a great list from which to decide! I took my trusty laptop, along with the required dark roast beverage, out to my beloved red bench, and thought long and hard about the choices we were facing.

There's the assumed Great Books classes: Great Books 2 for the middle child, and Great Books 3 for the older son. Oldest will be mourning the loss of Great Books next year, as she is in the midst of her beloved fourth year, but the options for her gap year are beyond exciting. She'll be taking Greek 2, hoping to get a head start on studies at her desired future college, and she will share a computer with her just-younger brother so they can study Rhetoric together. She longs for more, though. With next year's list including Church History, Doctrine/Apologetics (each a semester course), and Bible History/Astronomy (also each a semester course), it was difficult to narrow it down. Once she figured out what she could pay for, and once we determined that we would give her an extra class for her eighteenth birthday, and once we figured that sharing a computer for Rhetoric would be an option, we came up with a plan. She's also going to take Church History (she already has the set of books that are required) and the Doctrine/Apologetics course. She is competing in the apologetics category in speech, so her interest has been stimulated. Both her parents hope to eavesdrop each week and learn what we can from history and doctrine.

We'll add Latin from Mrs. Wells (formerly Miss Callihan) and be done with our online commitments for the year.

It's not an inexpensive outsourcing option, but Schola is worth every.single.penny. If you're interested in getting in the Schola loop, look around the website (click on the top link on the sidebar -- Online Tutorials), and then email the esteemed tutor with a request to be added to the waiting list. It can be a tough loop to get into, but go ahead and try. You won't regret it.

I found a Schola mug to be most diverting while making our decisions:

My husband refers to this as "the coolest mug ever." You can purchase yours right here.

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