Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Dickens of a time...

It all began with a speech two of the students in our speech club are doing from

It's a hilarious spoof on Dickens, and we have chuckled and guffawed our way through it several times.

Next, Great Books 4 class was assigned

Esteemed tutor Wes Callihan told his captive audience about reading the book in high school or college on a rainy day with a cold; our daughter could not have been happier when her winter cold settled in on a rainy day with a calendar open for Copperfield binging. I'm sure she'll never forget that reading of Dickens.

Then, we drove off to Idaho in the cold and rain and snow. It's a long drive in ideal conditions, but with ice and snow and pouring rain, it slows it down even more. We were accompanied on our travels by the excellent reading of Nadia May bringing

to life for us. May's reading is FANTASTIC, and we enjoyed all sixteen hours of the novel, finishing it just minutes before we finally pulled in the front gate.

Next in line was our movie viewing of Bleak House, and now our oldest is busy finishing up the reading of the same.

When we were done with the movie, we felt our appetite for Dickens was far from satisfied, and we decided that we would read

The BBC movie version is one of our family favorites, but we are finding the book to be even better.

To cap off the Dickens fest we have unintentionally been celebrating, I found these at my favorite thrift haunt:

Four plates for a song...

picturing The Old Curiosity Shop.

The perfect accompaniment for Dickens here, there and everywhere.

Do you have a favorite Dickens we should pursue next? Click the contact button on the sidebar to email and let me know.

Our Mutual Friend will be a long-term commitment, but I like to plan ahead.

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Kimberly said...

i know this is an old post, but i am back on a dickens binge myself. i would totally recommend little dorritt--both book a recent movie. in the pickwick club myself these days.