Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Grand Finale in Pictures

A loving sister and friend, a devoted daddy-o and son #2, good friends

Debating is exhausting

One of our sons won five of the first six rounds and was given a bye for the double-octo final round. They were BRILLIANT in their last round. And lost.

We were stunned and sad at the news of a loss. Our son's partner is a senior, so her high school debating career is over. Our debate coach had to talk us through the disappointment, but she is a fine coach for parents and debaters. We were in good hands.

But, reality is: they came in TWELFTH out of sixty-seven teams. I am ridiculously proud of them.

It is now time for bed, though. To say we only got a little sleep is like saying that Mt. Everest is a tall mountain. I am one tired mama.

More soon. For now: CONGRATULATIONS, sons.
What a memorable year.

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