Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness begins at home

It's been a big year for basketball around here. We just finished my youngest son's season, but I know I've fallen off the "brag until your fingers fall off" wagon of reporting on each game. My immense admiration got a little embarrassing, and how many times could I type, "He was amazing. I am so proud!"?

A quick summary: He continued to put it all on the floor every game, including a three-pointer to tie a game, blocks, steals, double-digit points, free throws, and all-round "Give me 120%" kind of play. He had delightful teammates who are now friends, and a coach who valued teamwork and kindness and hustle above winning at all cost. As a once-reluctant sports mom, I cannot wait for another basketball season.

My husband also spent time with the boys replacing our backyard backboard. They seemed to have fun designing, painting and now playing on the new board.

Then, naturally, I found chocolate basketballs for some treats, as the NCAA extravaganza continued. My bracket was demolished with Tennessee's loss this weekend, but it appears that we have a Bracket Shark in our midst. My non-non-non-sports-fan daughter looks to be the bracket winner. She's the true Cinderella story of this year's March Madness. Unless UCLA can hold on and get to the big game; then, maybe, I can win. Doubtful, but hope springs eternal.

There's no place like home for March Madness.

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