Thursday, May 08, 2008

Missing her

Jemima is asking rather frantically...

Dolce is demanding an explanation ...

Where is the girl we know and love?

Why isn't she in the poofy bed every night when I am ready to go to sleep?

Why isn't she down in the duck house in the morning, talking to us with her beautiful voice?

Sorry guys. She's visiting a couple of horses named Maximus and Minimus, some psychologically challenged dogs and cats, and the beautiful farm land of Virginia. Yes, it was hard to leave you, but she does have other priorities. Shocking, I know, but true.

You'll have to put up with the bubbly little girl who comes to visit each morning and evening, and the middle-aged woman who staggers around the property with a mug of coffee and/or her camera. It's a skeleton crew, but we're determined to keep the shop up and running while your girl is gone.

In the mean time, just keep sunning yourself in the lavender patch and she'll be back before you know it. Or maybe a little longer than that.

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