Friday, May 09, 2008


Letters from Heaven

Poems by Ginny Eliason Silva
Illustrated by Susan Kelly Von Medicus

From Amazon:

With its beautiful artwork, its accompanying poems, and its many other special features, Letters From Heaven is much more than an alphabet book-it’s a book your children will enjoy for years to come!

The illuminated letters in this alphabet are Irish Uncale Majuscule, an ancient script which was developed during the sixth to ninth centuries. The illustrations are done in the medieval manner using gold leaf on red clay and egg tempera color work. The imagery combines traditional saints, narrative, and symbols of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman and Anglican Catholic Faiths.

Each illumination is accompanied by an original poem reflecting on the spiritual subject being introduced.

A short, simple prayer is included in each letter, which can be used as a meditative reflection on the subject of the illumination.

A special “Symbol Quest” key at the back of the book explains the meaning of many traditional Christian symbols, and encourages children to search the pages of the book to find these symbols.

Children aren't the only ones who will enjoy this book.

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