Friday, July 04, 2008

Life in list form

It's been a week of highs and lows.

1. Family reunion: a joy to be together.
2. Twenty-two years of marriage on June 28th. Wow. Twenty-two years. Wow.
2. Duck carnage: all nine ducks were killed, tears immeasurable were cried.
3. Duck provision: nine newborn ducklings were discovered by friends in the city and brought here in the wee hours of the morning just a day after the disaster. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
4. Now I have given in to the coughing, aching misery of a summer chest cold/flu. Not happy. Not fun. I feel really lousy, and show few signs of improvement. I am impatient for health.

Pictures of all but the carnage and the bed-headed blogger will come as soon as I can type without coughing uncontrollably. Family reunion pics. include the now-annual marshmallow catching contest and the world's sweetest great-nephew, and the baby mallards are redefining cute. So small. So adorable.

Happy Fourth of July. Light a sparkler for me.

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