Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life in Pictures


Happy baby, happy uncle

Marshmallow Catching Contest 2008.

Saturday's tie-breaker: Experience meets the New Guy.
New Guy Wins!

It must be noted that the Colorado Contingency was unable to make it this year, which gave the New Guy an advantage that cannot be denied. Next year promises to be tougher.

Far-away family from Washington and Minnesota was a joy to see, and swinging upside down has its benefits, too.


Pre-carnage happiness. All swim, all smiles.

Then some wretched predetor broke in to the duck house late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and stole our joy. One lone duck was remaining, but she was found only two days later and was lost to us, too. The gruesome reminder of the event has been circling the hillside all week: vultures. Can we all say a collected, "UGH!"? Thanks.

Then, late on Monday night our dear friends called to say they found nine baby mallards in a drainage ditch on a busy street in Sacramento. We welcomed itsy bitsy baby mallards to our home around midnight on Monday night and celebrated with glasses of port and plenty of happy noises. Even for the reluctant-to-own-ducks members of the family (who shall remain nameless at this vulnerable point in family history) could not help but see this as Positively Providential.

Group Think: The Next Generation

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