Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four Things Meme

A) Four places I go over and over

1. The Library
2. Safeway
3. Sacramento
4. My mother's flat (out the door, across the patio)

B) Four people who e-mail me regularly

Define regularly?

1. My husband - almost daily
2. Speech and debate leaders - seasonally
3. A*Word*Day
4. The SAT Question of the day

C) Four of my favorite places to eat

1. Auberge des 3 Canards in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. Best.meal.ever.
2. Blue Talon Bistro, Williamsburg, VA. Great food. The best kind of company.
3. The Red Bud Cafe. Cameron Park, CA. Our local favorite.
4. On my deck with my family. Especially if one of them did the cooking.

D) Four places you'd rather be

I like being here, but my vacation dreams include:

1. Great Britain
2. Italy/So. France
3. Boston
4. Chicago

E) Four TV shows I could watch over and over

1. Jeeves and Wooster
2. Horatio Hornblower
3. Pride and Prejudice (the long version)
4. Cadfael

HT:Miz Booshay

I'll be back with more substantial thoughts soon. I'm deep in preparation for our in-club speech tournament. It's my annual opportunity to delve into extemporaneous question preparation. Last year's experience was noted here. Equally humbling this year, but I know to just keep plugging away.

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