Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday gratitude

26. The unexpected gift of a trip to the ocean.
27. Colors of blue, green and gray blending into beauty and peace.
28. Is there anything better than the ocean air? I think not.
29. Shells, seaweed, little birds, big birds, white foam crashing on the sand...poetry in motion.
30. Nothing to do but walk and see and listen and wonder.

31. I did not go alone. Time with one child has not happened nearly often enough since speech and debate began, so I grabbed my oldest son and ran.
32. Six more hours of driving done for the son-in-training. Six hours that included Bay Area freeways, and the picturesque but frightening Devil's Slide section of Highway 1. All was beautifully executed...well, there was that one exit from the freeway that was a little.too.exciting, but he steered his way out of that one with great skill.
33. A chance to hear what is on that I-Pod thing that invaded our home in the last year. This is a stretch for my gratitude list, but gratitude is not all about easy, is it?

34. Two cameras, two photographer wanna-bes, an hour-and-a-half, and the ocean. A perfect way to share time together.
35. The sun broke through the clouds about an hour into our time there, and I was, once again, amazed at what light does to the color of the ocean.

Sunday gratitude.

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