Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It has begun...

. Lots of evidence.

NCFCA Resolution:

Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly change its policy toward India.

This year's topic feels huge. India is huge, its population is equally huge, and the options for debate cases feel endless. We've met for big picture discussions about trade, strategic policy, and relations between India and their neighbors. I've heard students discussing nuclear energy, thorium, foreign aid, micro loans, Iran, Pakistan, China, Kashmir, the role of government, and nuclear non-proliferation treaties. There is a lot to learn.

I do love this world of debate. The students are gems, their parents are great company, and the work is hard but satisfying. Our first practice tournament was last Saturday, and tournament number two is coming soon. My life is back to packing bagels and espresso for the road, balancing the computer use between "we.have.a.tournament.and.I.don't.have.enough.evidence" and online classes, talking through ballots and what can be learned from them, and driving, driving, driving to here, there and everywhere. We are ready.

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