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Figs are so picturesque, but I was needing a recipe. And look what I found:

(Recipe printed with the permission of Corey from Tongue in Cheek )

Fig Jam

2 pounds of very ripe figs cut in fourths,

1 1/2 pounds of sugar,

Put the figs in a large heavy pan, add the sugar on top of them,

Cover the pan and let it alone for 24 hours.

Most of the sugar will have melted, turn the heat on very low,

Bring the fig-sugar mixture to a boil, stirring often, turn the heat lower,

When the fig-sugar mixture ripples off the spoon the jam is done,

Grill two handfuls of sliced almonds,

Then add the grilled sliced almonds to the jam, stir until well mixed.

Add the boiling mixture to sterile jars and can.


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