Carl Sandburg (1878–1967)


THE MONOTONE of the rain is beautiful,
And the sudden rise and slow relapse
Of the long multitudinous rain.

The sun on the hills is beautiful,
Or a captured sunset sea-flung,
Bannered with fire and gold.

A face I know is beautiful—
With fire and gold of sky and sea,
And the peace of long warm rain.

It's ark weather here in Northern California. Rain, wind, and the occasional crack of thunder have been our constant companions since Sunday. The fences are close to deciding if they should just give in and collapse on the ground, and we keep wondering why it is that we still have power. Amidst all the possible disasters, the view really is beautiful.

I am grateful for a good roof, a warm fire, and the fact that I have no place I need to go. Soup is on, apple pie is cooling on the counter, and espresso is five minutes from ready. I am right where I belong.


Anonymous said…
Glad you're all tucked in and hunkered down. It looks ugly over by y'all! We're getting ice tonight, or so they say - not a drop yet...

Drinking my tea, pretending it satisfies my desire to chow down... gack.

b said…
Oh, beautiful. Thanks for sharing the poem and stay warm and dry. Personally, I love the rain and we don't seem to get a lot of really good soakers here in NC like we did growing up in Louisiana. Blessings to you and yours today ~ B.

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