Concordia Tournament Recap

It was a terrific week.

Our students did well. They worked hard, looked out for each other, and many of them won the right to go to our national tournament in May.

The leaders worked hard, too. Coaches coached and tournament folks announced winners. Those were exciting moments.

Whatever we faced, we faced it together.

And Wheeler/Wheeler, along with three other Auburn teams, are headed to the national tournament for debate. Yahoo.

And then the competition was done and we were on our way back to the BEACH.

When you see the pier with Ruby's red roof at the end, you know its time to stop. Sand, surf, Starbucks..what more could you ask?

And now the rain is pouring down, the trees are bending back and forth in the wind, and we are home in front of the fire. It was good to be on the road, but home is the place to be for stormy weather.


Anonymous said…
SO glad you're home and that it was a great trip. How did Sweet Jean fare while you were away? I'm super glad you made it before the rains started... looking forward to connecting soon. Love, Stephie
Lynn in WI said…
" the beach."

Di said…
Jean was great, Stephie. She turned 83 on Friday and John had a birthday dinner for her. Also, my nephew was here and she had a terrific visit with him all week. Perfect timing, perfect week.

Lynn, I just have to know if it was warm enough for you to ... um ... dance around the living room?!? Your email made me howl. Will respond soon. Ark weather continuing, even here in the north.
Anonymous said…
Lynn? Dancing around the living room? How surprising. :)
Islandsparrow said…
Glad you had a wonderful week - congratulations to students and coaches alike!

The beach would be my perfect ending too.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Wheeler/Wheeler! And to the others as well--sounds like you have a great team this year.
~Sharon W.
Mary: said…
I love how you combined collage and commentary. I need more blogging lessons! So descriptive and visual all at the same time!

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