The Friday Clive

Some have had a tradition of the Friday Five; for at least the next year, I am going to feature The Friday Clive: favorite quotes of C.S. Lewis.

My source? A beautiful new book I received at Christmas from a dear friend. Thanks, Mar. This is a gift that will bless me for years to come.

The Quotable Lewis

My inspiration for choosing this first quote was a message board I frequent. I was reading some discussion on the place of fairy tales and how to defend them to those who think they are inappropriate reading material. This is only a small section of a larger quote, but I really liked it. See below for details on the source of the quote.

"About once every hundred years some wiseacre gets up and tries to banish the fairy tale. Perhaps I had better say a few words in its defence, as reading for children.

It is accused of giving children a false impression of the world they live in. But I think no literature that children could read gives them less of a false impression. I think what profess to be realistic stories for children are far more likely to deceive them. I never expected the real world to be like the fairy tales. I think that I did expect school to be like the school stories. The fantasies did not deceive me: the school stories did..."

For those like me who are interested, the quote source is: Of Other worlds: Essays and Stories, "On Three Ways of Writing for Children" (1952), para. 14-17, pp. 28-30.


Pom Pom said…
I like this. I have a C.S. Lewis quote a day gadget on my igoogle page. There used to be a publication in Denver called Inklings. It was wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I love the post title. Perfect.
Lynn in WI said…
Friday Clive!! You're brilliant and I love it.
Di said…
I do feel I need to offer an apology to C.S. (Jack) Lewis. He was not fond of the Clive...but I could not resist.
Donna Boucher said…
Oh my gosh!!! Here is the comment box. That is very tricky.

It's like a secret panel in a wall to get in here.

Stephie gave me the passcode. Woo....
penelope said…
Ooo! I must look for this book -- thanks for sharing it.
Anonymous said…
Me too! the loving it, not the apology. :)


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