On top of the world

The many roots of my husband's family, from Minneapolis, Grand Junction, Whidbey Island and parts of Northern California, all wrapped around and came to rest at the top of the world.

The view changed every few minutes. We had Sound of Music hills and the Middle Earth-like fog changing colors with the moving of the sun. But the most beautiful views were the faces of beloved family.

Nana and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A mother with her four children.

Plenty of silliness and laughter.

And they still sit in age order.

My talented brother-in-law sneaked out to catch the beauty.

The sun sparkled,

the fog continued to appear and swirl and hide the sun and disappear.

A little dinner, cake, a time of appreciating and praising the birthday girl,

and then the sun set with jewel tones far too soon. Goodbyes are never easy when you wish they never had to come.

Happy birthday to my dear mother-in-law. And many, many more.

Love you.


Patricia said…
How perfectly lovely - all of it - always!
Pom Pom said…
How sweet! The pictures are lovely! Your mother in law looks smart - peacefully smiling, crazy in love with her family!
Donna Boucher said…
She is a GOOD SPORT!
How wonderful that all of her children came to see her!!

She must have done something awfully good to be blessed with that view!!

Heaven on earth!
Lynn in WI said…
Where is THAT?

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Di said…

Livermore. And, no, I am NOT kidding (-: It is on the north side of 580, and you go about four miles on a one lane road up the hills to get there. If I hadn't been with such neat people, I would have spent the whole day in the yard with my camera (-:
Anonymous said…
It looks impossibly beautiful. :)
Lynn in WI said…
Imagine in February--those hills will be GREEN! So, technically is this the backside(to Walnut-Creekers) of Mt. DIablo? Same range, I suppose?

We had some great hiking around Diablo, especially during the rainy season. So beautiful when things green-up. The soup season is so short in the East Bay!
Anonymous said…
Di, a beautiful post... the pictures and the writing. I can hardly say how much I enjoyed the day. All those fantastic nieces and nephews, and I cherished my opportunities to chat with you. Yes, who would have thought Livermore would be so lovely? Not me, that's for sure!

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