Little Dorrit

We loved watching this over Christmas break. Dickens is the master of taking threads of stories and weaving them all into a beautiful ending. Little Dorrit was a hit.

(Warning: 452 minutes long. Well worth it, but requires some planning. Or illness. Let's try for the planning, okay?)

Now I have to read the book. I am 169 pages into it and I love how BBC stayed true to the story.


Missy K said…
This has been in my queue for awhile-- maybe I need to hope for a rare SC snowstorm right after it is delivered?

A friend and I were talking about Our Mutual Friend yesterday-- the great satisfaction you are brought to in the last half hour or so. Delightful!
Kerry said…
My hubby and I watched Little Dorrit this fall. Neither of us had ever heard of it before, but we LOVED it. My first words after the credits rolled (on the last episode) was, "I've got to read that book!" I'm glad to hear they stayed true to the story...we were wondering about that.
Skeller said…
yay, I have this sitting on my counter, fresh from Netflix. Glad to hear it's a good one :-).
Unfocused Idiot said…
They usually do, I love BBC.
Di said…
Our Mutual Friend is another favorite here, Missy. We are often found quoting it: "It's a bad business, Eugene!" You can hope for snow, or you can just get one disk at a time...we're not so good at that approach. FYI: I found it for sale at our local Costco.

Kerry, I really am loving the book. I am ready for a quiet night tonight when I can read some more. Let me know what you think.

Susan, if you tempt me with it next week, I'll probably be willing to lose sleep to watch with you (-: Can't wait to see you.


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