George Winston
Sacramento, California
8:30 p.m.

Over twenty-five years ago I heard George Winston live for the first time. It must have been 1981 or 1982, the room at Stanford University was small and dark and I remember sitting on the floor. Winston came out in his famous flannel shirt, jeans and stocking feet, and I thought he was the piano tuner. I was wrong and was never so happy to be so. That concert was a slice of heaven.

Tonight my friend Kate and I will be curled up in our seats, full of English Pub food from a public house down the road from the theater, and we will get to enjoy this bit of heaven together. I can hardly wait.

If you are new to George Winston and want a recommendation of where to start, I say go with the first of his "season" recordings, Autumn:

The first song, Color/Dance, is my all-time favorite. Well, Joy is the song I came down the aisle it is probably a tie. But the simple story is: I love George Winston's music.


Anonymous said…
SO... how was it?

I've kinda never understood the fascination with this guy.. but I do know what it is to have a beloved artist who moves your soul. I hope it was that kind of night for you. :) Long email being crafted to be sent your way.... Love, Stephie
Di said…
Oh, Stephie...tell me George doesn't qualify as Thomas Kincade music (-:

It was that kind of night - music laden with memories, totally relaxing, delightful company. It was heavenly.

I'll be stalking the inbox for that email (-:

Les said…
I first heard GW back in early 1984. I saw him in concert at the Civic Center in San Diego and he appeared on stage exactly as you described. I love his music and I, too, walked down the aisle to Joy. I also practiced my Lamaze breathing to his variations on Pachelbel. His music speaks to my soul. I'm glad you had a good time.
b said…
Thanks for the tip on Winston. I hope 2010 will be a year of music for me and am looking for musicians to try. Blessings - B.

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