I'm a Troaster

We have expanded our knowledge of music wider and broader and deeper and higher than we ever thought we would, thanks to teenagers who LOVE music. It's eclectic, entertaining, sometimes annoying, and occasionally frightening, but we're happy to learn more. So how is it that we are JUST NOW learning about Jon Troast? Peaceful guitar, funny and/or thought-provoking lyrics, an authenticity that is very appealing...well, let's just say we're glad to finally be on the team. Honestly? We're officially groupies, Troasters, to be more precise.

Hailing from Lake Geneva, WI, Jon travels across the country doing house concerts. Spend some time on his website, and take a listen to his music. If you like what you hear, you can easily buy his CDs on the website, but also take a notice of where he might be playing across the country. Even better? Let him know if you are interested in hosting a group at your house. We had a group of at least one hundred (pictured below, photo courtesy of Jon's website), but I know he has played to much smaller groups.

Many, many thanks to our hosts for the evening, Kendra and Andy Fletcher. We had a terrific time.


Fletch said…
Thanks for coming...glad you enjoyed Jon!
Quotidian Life said…
Which cd would you recommend, Diane?
Di said…
Claire and I both recommend Living Room, but I am choosing not to ask anyone else because they will probably have another favorite (-: Did you listen to any songs on his web page? Also, see his links for freebies. He's a generous guy. You can sign up for his mailing list and get a CD download.

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