It's a great day to turn eleven

If there is a court and a ball and a hoop....

If there is a slope with enough snow, and a sled or some skis ...

If there is a goal to achieve...

This young man is ready. He will give it all. He is a joy.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Brennan, my favorite eleven-year-old.


Addie said…
Great pictures, Mrs. Wheeler! :) Happy birthday to Brennan!
Lynn in WI said…
When you come to Wisconsin, please bring Brennan!

(Love that basketball pic! Wowzers.)

Happy birthday #10!
Di said…
When you come to Wisconsin...oh, I like the sounds of that.

Picture of Bren's banner coming includes the word "bombastic" for which we have you to thank (-:
Anonymous said…
What a guy! He really is "one of a kind" as the card I sent says. Love the pics!

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