Some people watched the Super Bowl....

eating layered bean dip and these terrific sandwiches (I made the second recipe.)

But other people got their nails done.

And then they wandered leisurely through the aisles at Target, hoping to find something to match their nails...or hoping she wouldn't find something to match the nails (it's all a matter of perspective.) They also passed the time hearing the dulcet tones of their far-away girl, who would have made the day even better by her presence.

The sunset was beautiful.

Sigh. It was a lovely day.

Life looks so much better after a deluxe spa (yes, I'd like the parrafin and the rock massage, thank you) pedicure.


stephseef said…
Great minds, and all that - I made the second recipe, too. GREAT. I'm on a roll. Then again, so was the beef.

Watched the game and had a great time... I love a weepy underdog story.

Have a great week... hunkering down here for more snow....
Lynn in WI said…
Oh! You are such glam girls!
Juliet SN said…
The teal color is adorable, Claire :)

I love that sunset picture. Hollyoaks sunsets are the best.

Sending love from Southern Cali,

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