The Friday Clive

"I nominally have (a place of my own) and am nominally master of the house, but things seldom go as I would have chosen. The truth is that the only alternatives are either solitude (with all its miseries and dangers, both moral and physical) or else all the rubs and frustrations of a joint life. The second, even at its worst seems to me far the better. I hope one is rewarded for all the stunning replies one thinks of one does not utter! But alas, even when we don't say them, more comes out in our look, our manner, and our voice. An elaborately patient silence can be very provoking! We are all fallen creatures and all very hard to live with."


Alison said…
Your quote is so true. After 23 years of marriage, there was a night this week where Ron and I looked at each other and said outloud, "You're difficult to live with.." and harumphed into bed.
Lucy said…
Why is it that my husband is so difficult to live with when I myself am so easy to get along with?

Don't answer that, I'm in denial.;)

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