What's up....

My aunt, my wonderful aunt, the younger sister of my mother, is here visiting. Ever since Mom was declared to be ill (I guess diagnosed is the right word) I have wanted Aunt Doris to come visit. And now she's here! Yahoo.

Mom looks sparkly and happy and, dare I say, healthy. She's pink (not yellow) and we've heard her laugh over and over and over. It is a Good Week.

Pictures coming. My mother actually requested pictures of her and her sister. This is a first in the life of my mother. I have stacks of "I cannot believe you are taking my picture" photos of my mother. Portraiture is not her love language. It is her beyond-hate language, actually. So I will take pictures today in total shock. And then post them here for you to see.

We've also had a birthday...for this young man

And a career-high wow! game for this young man

And, yes, someday I will figure out how to take basketball photos.  But for now, this will have to do.

When the visiting and celebrating and hoop making excitement dies down, I'll have more coherent things to say.  Maybe.


Quotidian Life said…
Rejoicing with you, Diane, in all of this week's goodness. And, happy birthday to Rex!
Anonymous said…
how very, very special for your mom.

I could never take proper volleyball photos either. Inside and far-away from the fast moving subject is not my strong-point.
Carol in Oregon said…
Lovely recap of this moment in your life. I love the picture of R. Really, really nice. And hooray for Aunt Doris' arrival!

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