Highly recommended

I made this meal last night. Tequila-Lime Chicken, refried beans, rice, pico de gallo, tortillas. All made from scratch. (All recipes found on Pioneer Woman Cooks.)

It was a Major Success.

And FYI: we're on a major budget crunch this summer, but chicken on sale made this a VERY inexpensive meal. And we were eating like kings and queens.

For those of us who cannot handle the lard lifestyle without looking like we're, um, living the lard lifestyle, add some salad fixings, make them pinto beans instead of refrieds, limit the tortilla consumption, and you have a fine substitute. Teenage boys will pick up the slack, though, and make sure there is barely enough leftover for a man's lunch the next day. Ask me how I know.

I would have taken pictures, but....it all disappeared too quickly. And I was too busy enjoying myself.


Alison said…
Sounds super delicious!
Quotidian Life said…
Thanks for this, Diane. I'm going to try it this summer when I can easily get all the ingredients in the States.
Smidge said…
Weren't you supposed to come cook for me? When was that again?

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