On my way....

to pick up my favorite college girl. It is a long drive, and I start the trip knowing it will feel like forever. But at the end of the drive will be a girl, finished with her three-hour Western Civ. final, finished with her first year of college. When we waved goodbye in September, the year was a total unknown, but now it is seen in all its glory and groaning. Now there are people in Oregon who will be missed from home. The world has changed for our daughter, just the way we hoped it would.

I better get on the road so I can see it for myself, and then bring her back home.


Mary: said…
Best wishes for a most blessed trip, not just back, but there too! XXOX
Welcome home, Madelaine!
Anonymous said…
How can an entire college year have passed? My goodness. Safe journey, welcome home collegiate one, and lots of love to you all -


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