The road home

The weather for my drive was perfect.

Shasta Lake was beautifully full.

Mt. Shasta was distractingly snowy and glorious.

Gutenberg College graduation made me want to either

a) return to school myself OR
b) spread the good word that Gutenberg is a unique and worthwhile college to consider.

These tutors really care about the souls of their students, and I have been impressed with how that has worked in the life of our Gutenberg girl. Everyone makes a big point of saying that Gutenberg isn't for everyone; well, of course it isn't. No school is for everyone. And I do think more people could benefit from the work and the community that is Gutenberg. Click that link up there. Consider it if you or your loved one is planning on college someday.

We packed life back into the van, sad goodbyes were said, and off we went.

Oregon said goodbye.

California said hello.

A few hours later we were home with the ducks and the weeds and the chores to be done before company comes on Monday and all those sweet faces that jumped out the door to welcome home our long-gone girl.

It's good to be home!


Andrew said…
Feel free to share about Madelaine's Gutenberg experience--at least I can enjoy it vicariously. In my perfect world, a Gutenberg education is the best education for many more than are receiving one. I'm so glad to hear that Madelaine has had such a great year.
Allison said…
Sounds like a neat place. I see from their website they offer a Great Books program and the focus is on Protestant Christianity. I am a practicing Roman Catholic. How would the child of such parents fit in? Would their beliefs be affirmed, or would there be an attempt to dissuade them from the Catholic faith?
Mary: said…
Bienvenida Madelaine!!!! I hope you're enjoying every moment of family life and time up the hill with familia things, people and places. May it all be a joy and fill you during this little respite.
Di, I'm so glad for the blog connect, for seeing a little wisp of happenings over your way. I'm looking forward to photos of a very special event, a GRADUATION!!! How was it? I'm sure lovely :-)
Hugs and love to all.

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