Holding tight to summer

The weather says summer, the flowers and vegetables growing in the yard are smelling and tasting and looking like summer, but the autumn rumbling has begun. My husband has been back in the classroom for over a week, and the junior college is sending emails every few hours with reminders for class requirements, books to purchase, and handy hints for success; those classes begin on Monday.

The three homeschoolers are showing classic signs of being ready for action: a fascination with notebooks and planners, an interest in the reading lists, and plenty of questions about what is on the horizon. I am glad they are getting excited.

We still have another week-and-a-half, though. I have cupboards yet to clean, cantaloupe sorbet to savor, plans to complete, cherry tomatoes to eat straight off the vine (or with balls of mozzarella drizzled with oil and vinegar), meals to freeze, and naps to take. Books to finish! Lists to check off!!

Alas, I am not ready to finish summer yet.

But finish it will, and the rhythms of autumn will be welcome. Just not quite yet, please.

Photo credit goes to my dear daughter Claire.


Alison said…
It hasn't felt like summer here all summer. Day after day after day of gray, drippy almost rainy weather--hardly ever clearing in the afternoon. And lately, when it does clear for two hours, the wind sings--so it feels like fall is here. That, and I saw my first pink lady slippers in a garden, and they always say fall to me.

Ron went back to school this week, and the kids go back this coming Wed. I don't feel ready. Thanks for the photos of the flowers, now I must go make a cup of hot chocolate to ward off the chill....:)
Camy said…
Sigh...each day my goal is to inhale and store up as much summer inside me as possible. It has been a perfect summer here in Michigan, which is such a blessing. Winters are entirely evil here! Take care!

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