Looking for answers in a cup of coffee

There's nothing like school planning to make me stare out the window, or into the depths of my coffee cup, looking for answers. What to study? What not to study? How to coordinate everyone in a humane way? You'd think I'd have a handle on this, wouldn't you? I have been doing this homeschool thing for fourteen years. But, alas, I have to take time every summer's end to question and reposition and analyze. Somehow it helps, and somehow, by God's grace, the answers come. It isn't that hard, and if this is the life to which I am called, then I can do the coming year with courage and grace.

But this week I stare. And drink coffee. And pray. And begin to write the script for the play we shall all be in this year.


janelle said…
Okay, so you're saying "Don't Freak out!"
That's what I'm hearing. Ha!
Beautiful post, AGAIN, Diane! Lovely!
I am much calmer now, and plans are coming along.
It is good to know that you understand.

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