The Mom Update

For those who have been so kind as to care about my mother, it seems that I am way overdue on an update on how she is doing.

She is FINE. Can you believe it? Excuse me while I say it a few more times...She is FINE. She Is FINE.

Oh, do I like how that sounds.

She has taken Dial-A-Ride again. She has been to Brennan's basketball games. She likes to monitor the watering in the front yard. She is hoping to get a few sewing projects done. She is, once again, getting all her ironing done. (If there is one thing I have learned about my mother in the last year it is that her ironing is a priority. Once again I have to ask the question: where did I come from?)

Last June I looked ahead and tried to prepare myself for the dark, only to be met by glorious light; it is hard to catch my breath with all the relief and joy and gratitude that is pouring forth.

There will come a day when we need to learn to be grateful for difficult days; for today, though, we rejoice in FINE.

Thanks for caring and for your prayers. Don't stop!


stephie said…
how I love to pray for Queen Jean. Thanks for the updates.... heading out the door to feed my children bad drive-thru [wish we had an In 'n Out!] and pick up The Eldest from Middle School Orientation. Gulp.


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