Catching up: Someone turned 19

Last Tuesday was a special day: Zack's 19th birthday.

Tuesdays also mean leaving for school at 6:45 in the morning, three classes and then off to work. L-o-n-g days.

But the day finished well: cake and celebration with The Fam. And a rather dashing outfit, courtesy of a beloved girl.

Happy birthday, Zack. We love you!


steph seefeldt said…
i'm in gb with dad... mom's bday is tomorrow.... cleaning, packing. purging, moving... and i look to your sidebar and see 'fireflies and songs'.

all is well.

love you
Di said…
When I put it in the sidebar, Steph, I felt like I was leaving secret code for you(-: Thanks for mentioning it via the house lyrics. This was album I did not have. And I needed it.
stephseef said…
sad, fruitful, broken, true.

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